And the paperback is out!  Reimar Breaking is now available in print from Amazon UK as well as select stores.  Unfortunately, the book is not available in stores outside of the UK, but as far as I know you can order it online). Reimar Breaking: Amazon UK

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Pre-orders now available

Ebook copies of Reimar Breaking can now be pre-ordered!  Samples should be available on most websites shortly. The print edition will be out in November.  Unfortunately, store copies of the print edition will only be available in the UK. Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon Canada / Amazon Australia Kobo Book Apple iTunes Google Play [...]

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The cover has been decided upon!  It's based off the map of Brisia, which I will upload in the near future on the site as well.

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Forthcoming title

My first book, Reimar Breaking, has been picked up by Elsewhen Press.  It will be available on the 19th of August as an ebook, and 14th November for print copies.

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