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Q: Why is the setting called The Fourth World?

A: This is the Fourth Era, as the gods see it.  Three times before have they made mortal races, three times before have they failed.  This time they have made five races.


Q: What happened in the other three eras?

A: The gods make mortals imperfectly.  In previous ages, some races grew into hubris and cruelty, orchestrating not only their own downfall but the downfall of their neighbors as well.  Some grew prideful and indolent, and their decaying societies fell apart around them.  Few survive in any form in the modern age.


Q: There are five races in the Fourth World?

A: There are, although those are the peoples made by the gods, although others exist.  Humanity, made first, are the most numerous in almost all the worlds.  Elves, made second, were made immortal in body yet fragile in mind.  Naga, made third, are reclusive and secretive to a fault.  Rakshasa, made fourth, were made as competitors to the more entrenched races already spreading across the worlds.  Last are the Cantesavra, made to be superior to all others, and cursed by Sura for this.


Q: There are races that the gods didn’t make?

A: There are, but their stories come at another time.


Q: Who built the Helions?

A: Ah, but that would be telling.  Suffice to say that while they may be almost entirely unknown to the mortals of the Fourth World, they are not gone.