Brisia is a populous world of varying climates and races.  It features only one known Helion.  There are two major continents, Iber to the east, and Kholas to the west.



Iber is home to many human nations, with some delicate power balances between them.  Currently, the principal nations are Reimar, Arn, and Shar.  Arn and Shar are the remnants of the Arn Empire, and each claim to be the sole legitimate successor.



Kholas is home to few nations (mostly human ones), foremost among them being the Zarranese Empire, which is the principal power of the continent.  Ronae in the north-west was a former regional power, but their glory days are long past.  Mondemal to the north-east is less a nation and more a disparate collection of tribes, uniting only against outside intrusion.  Far to the south, the elven nation of Niaremounat has long managed to thwart Zarranese expansion.