Magic originates in the Astral, a completely different dimension whose very nature is anathema to the material world.  When this dimension overlaps the material universe, some of it’s energy can leak through, and thus magic enters the world.  However, this energy is anathema to reality itself, and is quickly snuffed out.  Those who understand the laws of magic, or have an innate connection to the Astral in some form, are able to use it’s power.  However, magical effects tend to not last especially long, as reality rejects the unreal.

There are many forms of magic in the worlds.  Some are innate (the magic of mages), some can be learned (the arts of practitioners).


The Magic of Mages

Magicians | Shapers | Sorcerers | Warlocks


The Arts of Practitioners

Blood Witches | Espers | Necromancers | Twilit Ones